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✨Instant Download of Printable

Time to free up some mental space! Any time you’re feeling overwhelmed, this darling printable will do the trick to help you release everything that is going on. The idea is to do a brain dump and let it all out – right before getting to bed to really unravel for the day. No categories, nothing! Just give yourself some {mental} room to breathe. ✨🍃🧠

  • Very very straight forward to use:

Use all the plates spread throughout the page to write wherever things come to mind. Remember that you will check “what’s on your plate” on the next morning with a fresh rested mind so just pour it all out. No editing, just add each task/though/idea on each plate and have a great worry-free sleep! 🙂

  • Leaving a sheet by the nightstand is even better.

You know those sneaky genius ideas that decide to show up right when you put your head on that fluffy pillow, right? So yeah, have a sheet of your plates handy to write them all out. And voilá! Your brilliant insights will still be there for you in the morning.

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✨What happens after you buy


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  • **Very Important:** If you don’t see the download link available right away:
    • that’s because the order is processing!! Give it 1-2 mins and refresh that same page. The download link will show up. OR
    • go to your inbox and the receipt and download link will be there. {don’t forget to check your spam box!}
  • You will receive TWO emails : 1 from PayPal {your receipt} and 1 from me {with the download link}
    Again :: always, always, always, check your spam box if you can’t find those emails in your inbox.
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  • If you get the ZIP file, just right click on it and select to unzip the file. {psstt... needs to be from a laptop or desktop. Cell phones and tablets won't work}
  • If you get the PDF file, double click on it and it will open. If not make sure you have Adobe Reader installed in your computer {it’s free and a very handy software!}. You can download yours by clicking here.
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✨Very Important Notes – Don’t Skip this!


  • Those are digital downloads – they can’t be returned so they aren’t refundable. Make sure to read the post carefully before purchasing.
  • All printables are designed to be printed on the final page size. Meaning if you are printing on Personal size, the pages need to be pre-cut before feeding the printer.
  • Handy printing and page cutting tutorials are right here:
    • Click here for Personal Pages Printing Tutorial
    • Click here for A5 Pages Printing Tutorial
    • Click here for the tutorial on Cutting pages for your planner
  • Most of my modeling Planners are the Pink or the Spring Green Chameleon Filofax A5 size. 💎 Please double check in the listing description that you are getting the printable size you really want {A4/Letter, A5/Half-Letter or Personal}
  • The pictures might show a Monday or Sunday week start. Double check the description to make sure you are buying the week start you want.
  • All printables are for personal use only. Buying the printable DOES NOT give you the license to alter the design of it in any shape or form. Also it DOES NOT give you the license to re-sell it or make money from it in any way. 
  • I think it goes without saying but just in case here goes…. the file your purchase is for YOUR use only. Distribution of it is not authorized and not cool, dude!