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This is a DIGITAL FILE. Meaning you are purchasing a downloadable PDF where you will print this planner page(s) at home.

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Don’t skip the “What happens after you buy?” and “Very Important Notes” toggles.

✨Instant Download of Printable

Keep track of all the important events happening throughout the year! Even the ones Facebook won’t tell you about 😉

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💰🛒 What happens after you buy - ⚠️ IMPORTANT! click to read 👉🏼

✨What happens after you buy

  • After you go through PayPal/Credit Card check out you will be redirected to the Order Receipt page.
  • In it, under “Order Details” you will see each printable description as well as the download link. :

screen-shot-2016-12-25-at-7-20-32-pm 👆🏽Click on each link {if you purchase more than one printable at once} to download it.

  • **Very Important:** If you don’t see the download link available right away:
    • that’s because the order is processing!! Give it 1-2 mins and refresh that same page. The download link will show up. OR
    • go to your inbox and the receipt and download link will be there. {don’t forget to check your spam box!}
  • You will receive TWO emails : 1 from PayPal {your receipt} and 1 from me {with the download link} Again :: always, always, always, check your spam box if you can’t find those emails in your inbox.
  • The email from me will have the link{s} to download the printables : a ZIP or PDF file.
  • If you get the ZIP file, just right click on it and select to unzip the file. {psstt… needs to be from a laptop or desktop. Cell phones and tablets won’t work}
  • If you get the PDF file, double click on it and it will open. If not make sure you have Adobe Reader installed in your computer {it’s free and a very handy software!}. You can download yours by clicking here.
  • You will also receive the Welcome email from LimeTreeFruits Love Notes! It’s a free subscription where we talk all about planners and fun artsy stuff 💌

📦 When will my printable be shipped?

  • Never! 😈 Those are digital downloads. Nothing will be shipped, love. You will receive a link to download the file right away. With that you can print and use it in your planner

🖨 How do I print them?

  • All my printables are designed to be printed on the final page size. Meaning if you are printing on Personal size page, the pages need to be pre-cut to that size before feeding the printer.
  • Handy printing and page cutting tutorials are right here:

 >> Personal Pages Printing Tutorial: Click here
>> A5 Pages Printing Tutorial: Click here
>> Cutting pages for Personal or A5 size Tutorial: Click here

🧐 But does size really matter?

  • In this case – yes 😅 Please be extra careful when selecting the page size you want!
  • Most of my modeling Planners are the Pink or the Spring Green Chameleon Filofax A5 size. 💎 Double check in the listing description that you are getting the printable size you really want {A4/Letter, A5/Half-Letter or Personal}

📆 What about the week day start - Is it monday or Sunday?

  • The ones that have the option to choose will say so in the listing.
  • The pictures might show a Monday or Sunday week start. Double check the description to make sure you are buying the week start you want.

🔍The fine print

  • As digital downloads they can’t be returned so they aren’t refundable. Make sure to read the post carefully before purchasing.
  • All printables are for personal use only. Buying the printable *does not* give you the license to alter the design of it in any shape or form. Also it *does not* give you the license to re-sell it or make money from it in any way.  The file you purchase is for YOUR use only. Distribution of it is not authorized.

{PRICE}🎂🥂Birthdays & Events


📃Instant Download of Printable
This is a DIGITAL FILE. Meaning you are purchasing a downloadable PDF where you will print this planner page(s) at home.

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